One Warrior Won is a national veteran’s organization in Maine that has been rescuing dogs from kill shelters in the south and training them to be companion animals for soldiers that have come back home from war. The dogs are saved from euthanization, and they are in turn helping military personnel beat their hardest battles, which includes returning to civilian life. One Warrior Won is doing God’s work for not only for the soldiers, but also for the dogs, who would have otherwise been killed.

Dogs are smart creatures and have been used as service and therapy animals for a long time now. Veterans can spend over a year on the list, waiting for one. But thanks to One Warrior Won, they can adopt a pup in just a couple of months. The organization serves as a resource to veterans all across the country. Training the rescue dogs takes nearly four months. According to handler Christian Stickney, they speak with veterans on a weekly basis before giving them their new pooch.

A non-profit organization called Patriot Charities donated money to train four dogs – Tiger, Decimo, Zeke and Zaily. All of them were rescued in Florida. The video below shares the sweet moment when veteran James Tessneer first met his service dog, Decimo, who was going to be euthanized within 24 hours if it wasn’t for his rescue. After doing three tours in Iraq for four years, the former marine suffers from PTSD. He believes Decimo will help improve his mental health. The organization hopes what they are doing will decrease suicide rate among veterans. According to data collected by veteran’s groups from 21 states, 22 veterans takes their own lives every day.

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