It was a beautiful spring morning when Darius Sansaukas noticed that a doe had delivered two whitetail baby fawns in his backyard. Sadly, one of the fawns had an injured led. She struggled to keep up with her family, but they were too fast. Darius watched in shock as the baby was abandoned right outside his house. He knew she wouldn’t survive if she was left alone. So, he decided to rescue her and nurse her back to health all by himself.

He says that he does not support keeping wild animals as pets, but that this was special situation. Darius took the fawn under his care and did his best to treat her and help her recover fast. He even made her a makeshift leg brace out of a cereal box. When the baby deer improved, Darius took her back to the wild to release her. But she started following him even when he set her free. Her mother was nowhere to be seen either.

Luckily, after a few failed attempts, the man finally succeeded in reuniting the deer with her mom. The fawn went back to the wild and is now where she belongs. If it wasn’t for Darius, who knows what would have happened to her. The amazing bond he formed baby with the baby deer has won the hearts millions of people worldwide.

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