Nothing in this world is better than the bond between a father and his child. However, things are a little different when it comes to a child being raised and looked after by a dad than it is raised by a mother.

Mothers are almost always gentle and anxious with everything while taking care of their children. Likewise, the love of a mother can be quite nurturing and tender. However, fathers are a lot more different. They are full of chaos and fun when it comes to babysitting. Some fathers would even make their children a prop for their own entertainment. As bad as it sounds, children enjoy spending time with their father and their chaotic energy.

In this viral video, we see a rather stern father in a costume. You just would not have expected the plot twist when you first start watching the video. This naughty father makes his triplets become a part of his video and we can tell that even the children are enjoying every bit of it.

The mom, however, must not have been very happy. Watch the full video below!

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