Animals are smarter than we give them credit, but they can be pretty silly from time to time. We have seen videos of dogs riding bikes, cats working out, animals getting haircuts in salons, and what not. It is unbelievable to watch, but at the same time, it can make us laugh out loud. Animals are a source of entertainment, aren’t they? They continually find a way of cheering us up. If you get bored to death, you can always count on your pet friend to lift you up.

Cats are probably one of the craziest species on the planet. They are always doing wild and wacky things that tend to make us crazy along with them. They are very mysterious and regularly do weird and silly things all the time. By some peculiar turn of events, humans have come to worship cats. And why wouldn’t we? They are super! We will always adore them. And one of the reasons for that might be because of the bizarre things they do that entertain us.

Just take a look at the cats in the following video. Their owners tried to find some logic in the things they do, but without success. So they decided to make a video compiling all the weird things their cats do every day. Cole and Marmalade are both rescued, and they love their owners, but they just love to confuse them with their antics!

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