Shelf clouds are incredibly beautiful. These stunning features are seen during thunderstorms and are always newsworthy because they engender the curiosity of people and praise to the beauty of nature. In this video, a bloke captured a stretch of shelf cloud seen moving over Hiawatha, Kansas, on the 15th of August 2019. The videographer couldn’t help but to commend natures work saying “it is one of the coolest clouds I’ve caught on camera.”

A shelf cloud is a low-hanging, well-defined, wedge-shaped formation that occurs along the leading edge of a gust front in a thunderstorm. Sometimes it could be mistaken for tornado because it looks threatening. But it is more than a tornado. It forms ahead of a severe, long-lasting thunderstorm.  It is also associated will squall lines or bow echoes, generating damaging winds when they come. “Derecho” is the most intense type of thunderstorms.

They are well defined and more photogenic shelf cloud. While shelf cloud indicates an oncoming danger, no one can deny that it isn’t an attractive sight to behold. Come to think of it, why will anyone want to reminisce the beauty of a sign of potential danger with joy?

For the time being, look at the shelf clouds in this video with your artistic glasses on. Forget about its aftermath and the danger it poses. Enjoy its sight.

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