Dogs like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labradors are often used as army and police dogs. They are very smart and are known for being fierce in nature. These large breeds look menacing and we try not to aggravate them for our own wellbeing. However, the tiny little pug in the video below begs to differ. This small pooch might be miniature in size, but he has the heart of a lion. In a video that went viral, he can be seen picking up a fight with a police dog more than twice his size.

Talk about little-dog syndrome! Phoenix police were trying to negotiate with an armed suspect barricaded in a house, when a neighborhood pug got loose and started barking at the officers. The intense standoff was interrupted when the tiny canine picked up a fight with a K9. The bewildered swat team took time off from their negotiation with the suspected armed robber to shoo off the mutt. Eventually, they were able to get rid of him. The six-hour siege ended when the suspect shot and killed himself.

The pug, called Champ, broke through the police cordon and ran down the street disrupting the officers. An aerial camera for ABC news 15 captured the amusing encounter for us all to see. Champ’s family was watching the action from their garden and they said they were prepared to say goodbye to their beloved pet forever, fearing he would be shot by police. But luckily, everything turned out well for the little guy.

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