This video has seen its fair share of virality. Many people have positive feedback about it while many others think is a vile trick. But no matter what you think, this video wants to shows you how foully some men react to women on the streets.

Sexual harassment on the streets is increasing rather than seeing a decline. This video is a public service announcement by the sporting goods company Everlast. According to surveys, women fear sexual harassment more than getting mugged on the streets.

Now that’s saying something! In Lima, Peru 7 out of 10 women in the streets fall victim to sexual harassment. A group of people set out to spot some habitual harassers in the street. Then they went to their mothers and explained the severity of the matter. The moms agreed in helping them and this video where sons catcall their own mother was recorded.

Watch these so-called manly men get terrified at the sight of their mothers. This is hilarious yet disturbing.

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