This is a social experiment carried out by BigDawsTv (Dawson Gurley and Charlie) at USC to see if people will stand up for Charlie while being bullied. Charlie in the video acts like a nerd, with a T-shirt tucked into a blue and plays with a yo-yo. He looks like some freshman that doesn’t know her way around the school.

Charlie meets the first prank victim and asks her to check him out while making a sliding move and ran down the stairs, “That is amazing” the lady the remarked. He then asked where the Library was while playing with his yo-yo. Then came Dawson verbally bullying him. He called him a loser for playing with a yo-yo. The prank victim defended Charlie, yelled at Dawson saying “you don’t talk to people like that, and he is such a loser to think you can make fun of people like that.”

The second and third victims prank didn’t give a response to prevent further embarrassment. On the fourth scenario, the two victims felt Charlie was sick for playing with yo-yo. They, however, stood up for him when Dawson shows u to bully him. Same goes for the fifth victim. She stood up for Charlie.

It really shows the extent people go to stand up for people when being bullied. Most time, bully-victim gat others back. If you were faced with the scenarios in the video, what would you do?

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