We have all enjoyed an abundance of rendition of classic songs, from a few alterations in tune. To make it sound like a whole different genre, artists have paved the musical path with their creativity.

Hence, we have witnessed quite a few masterpieces in our lifetime. For instance, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen has been sung by so many singers over time. Every time leaving us stunned with the modifications. Similar is the performance by the girls’ choir group during a school choral festival.

The song choice is the perfect classics “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the Famous band Queen. It is one of the performances that will give you goosebumps by the end. The Australian youth choral group is known for its innovative nature. They have won so many competitions, and you will know why. Initially, the team dressed in school uniforms stands head down in front of the crowd.

Within no time, they begin achieving an impressive vocal range. Not just that, midway through the act, the girls make it even more memorable. They position themselves in a way to use the acoustic halls to their advantage. Furthermore, creating a magnificent swirl of music lingering in the room. Honestly, it could be one of the best cover songs.

Frensham Madrigals sing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen 3-54 screenshot

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