The Voice has been wooing everyone since the day the show started airing. It has given a great platform for people to showcase their vocal skills without being judges for the looks. The show has become so popular that it has spread out to so many countries, from the US to the UK to Australia as well. The following video shows a clip from the Australian edition of the voice, and it will bowl you over!

The following clip shows the battle between two contestants, Paula and Karise. Both the contestants had to sing the same song together. The judges had to base their comments on who did the better job at singing the song. For this challenge, both ladies had to sing Amy Winehouse’s hit song, “Back To Black”. And it’s safe to say they both did a great job of it.

Paula started the song off, and she did it well. But as soon as Karise began singing, she totally stole the show. Her voice was very similar to Winehouse herself. It was moody and husky, which made it unconventional but so beautiful. That’s not to say that Paula didn’t sing well, but the song and vibe fit much better with Karise. By the end of their performance, all the judges were on their feet!

Check out the full video below:

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