The following video shares the story of a German Shepherd called Alex. The poor thing had been chained to a fence almost all his life. Because of the neglect he experienced, he grew a certain kind of aggression issue. But one man was called in so that he could help the poor dog overcome his aggressiveness. The guy has a broad knowledge and experience on dealing with dogs going through such situations. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

The man says that dogs like Alex have a very soft core despite their rough exterior and that they deserve a second chance at life. Many people assume and stereotype that some breeds of dogs are just born to be violent and brutal. But this video proves such statements to be incorrect. A dog can show hostile behavior for many reasons. But one of the main factors is the humans that he grows up with. Your dog grows up the way you raise them.

The beginning of the video is to hard to watch, but the end is totally worth it. Alex is a great, and an all too common example of what can happen when a dog is forced to live his life locked and chained to a fence. Every dog deserves love, and we are glad Alex got a second chance at life. Watch Alex’s touching story in the video below! What did you think about that? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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