If you’ve ever been in a game, I’m sure you have stood up for the national anthem. At that moment, everyone in the stadium or field stand in unity to honor their nation. So, it is a big deal when you are given a chance to sing the anthem in front of everyone. And this 3-year-old’s performance got 6000 people on their feet!

According to his mother, Drake Winslow loves to sing around the house. However, his favorite song is the Star-Spangled Banner. So, it was perfect when he got a chance to sing the National Anthem in the School Day game in Syracuse, New York. And this performance makes the toddler the youngest person to do so in the University’s history!

drake winslow

As the host introduces the young performer, he stands in the center of the stadium with his mother. Moreover, he begins singing, calm, and confident as ever! Everyone in the audience is in complete awe of the flawless performance by the little boy. Furthermore, he sings the whole anthem without missing a beat! When he finishes, the adorable boy goes straight to hugging his Mom. And his brilliant performance is met with the loudest standing ovation! Watch the video below:

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