This short video will no doubt make you smile. Little Vilma was out in Varberg port, Sweden with her dad Tobias Hansson when she decided to try and get a ship to honk back. But she soon realized that it wasn’t as fun as she thought it was going to be! When she first saw the big ship coming into the harbor, she assumed that if she honked at the ship, maybe the captain would notice her and give a honk back. The ship drew close, and she kept trying.

Vilma started tooting continuously, hoping for exciting results. However, what was about to occur was something she wasn’t really expecting. You are going to be left in stitches when you see what happens a few seconds into the video! Vilma is pretty small in age and she has no idea how strong the sound of the horn is. And it looks like nobody told her either. But she was about to figure it out by herself! The massive vessel gave a loud honk, and that was it! Wait till you see poor Vilma’s reaction!

The honk scared the kid and she immediately ran away from the noise. She looked terrified. Her plan worked out, but it kind of backfired. It just wasn’t at all like she had imagined. Maybe she will look back and laugh at it someday, but for now, she probably won’t be honking at ships anymore! Watch this funny clip below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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