For foster kids, life is already difficult. The situation makes them grow up much faster than the ones who reside with the family. Things even take a drastic turn once you age out of the foster home care system. Fortunately, one charity is helping make a big difference with a practical and long-term solution.

Nonprofit organization “Pivot” is making a significant impact in the lives of teenagers who are no longer fit for foster care. At the young age of 18, Carter had no roof over his head and no accessible options. His mother passed away when he was just 10, and his father is in prison. Carter crashed few weeks with his sister’s new family. But time was ticking, and he was in need to help.

But luckily, Pivot came to his rescue. The nonprofit charity specializes in renting tiny homes for teenagers who excel beyond their difficulties. Initially, the chosen ones can live rent-free for a month. Within 4-5, the rent can go up to $125. This teaches the kids a valuable lesson on managing their finances without worrying about a place to live. The project is new and only has three houses at the moment. But the organization has set the plan to at least build 84 tiny homes in the long run.

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