Making a List…
New social shopping sites and apps adopt the Twitter model
Tech / 7 Dec 2011
After Cyber Monday’s success (and the subsequent Cyber Week), it’s evident that the web is the hot channel for shopping this holiday season. However, knowing which option is best when sorting through countless sources can be overwhelming to indecisive consumers. To streamline the process, shoppers are beginning to look to curated retail newsfeeds for recommendations.
Lyst: Fashion startup Lyst is a website that aggregates products from multiple retailers into a Twitter-like feed. Users can ‘follow’ friends, stylists, designers, stores and trendsetters to gain real-time insight into the most desired items of the moment. Once compiled, the “lyst” can function as a shopping cart, eliminating the hassle of purchasing from various websites. Also, the stream can be used as a notification system for when an item goes on sale or popular runway attire becomes available for in-store purchase. Shunning algorithmic recommendations, the Twitter-inspired format provides a personalized platform for shoppers to create their own customized content while discovering new brands and products.
OpenSky: Social shopping site OpenSky provides fashionistas, foodies, and health nuts with direct access to some of the top tastemakers in their fields. Eighty diverse celebrities, spanning the aforementioned categories, offer their perspectives on their favorite new products within their areas of expertise. Examples include Bobby Flay’s favorite wine vinegar, Cynthia Rowley’s must-have sunglasses, and Dwell Editors’ geometric throw blanket. Similar to Twitter, shoppers can ‘follow’ teams of curators who send weekly, handpicked items to their network of readers. If they decide that they can’t live without a certain item, site members can purchase it directly from the OpenSky website, often at a discounted price.
Wikets: Recently launched social commerce mobile app Wikets allows shoppers to connect with one another, rate products and share their favorite new finds. By creating a ‘Rec,’ or Wikets recommendation, a shopper’s social network gains access to his or her top picks. Products can be found by either scanning a barcode or browsing any of the 60 major retailers partnered with Wikets, including iTunes, eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Just like with Twitter, friends can follow one another and view a stream of recommendations from their trusted sources. And to incentivize participation, Wikets rewards each ‘rec’ with points to be redeemed for a gift card at select online retailers.
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