Love In The Digital Age
Relationship support websites reinvent couples therapy
Tech / 9 Sep 2011
More than 55% of Facebook’s 500 million-plus users list themselves as either married or in a relationship, but relationship status on the social network is no indication of how well a couple actually gets along. A slew of new relationship support websites have emerged to help conflicting couples keep their “Facebook official” relationships from getting too complicated.
: Modern technology, it seems, has dramatically altered not only the art of finding love, but also making it last. San Francisco-based startup Kahnoodle, currently in Beta, aims to use Web and mobile technology to help “busy couples build and maintain awesome relationships.” Couples maintain a “relationship dashboard” that displays the health of their bond, tracks how their relationship is progressing, and identifies key areas that need improvement. Incentives will encourage users to spend more quality time together; for example, couples that take the platform’s date suggestions will be rewarded with discounts for future vacations and dates.
: This new site aims to enhance users’ love lives by encouraging meaningful communication between partners. To get started, partners privately rate their satisfaction with their significant other in various areas. Based on these answers, the site endorses communication-boosting activities, such as sharing moments from one’s day or answering a series of questions like “What’s your favorite memory of the relationship so far?” or “What’s your ideal Sunday morning?” Posts can be shared publicly or remain on the couples’ private Relationship Wall. Consistent activity earns “Date Night Coins,” which can be used towards coupons and deals. Like Kahnoodle, a dashboard allows users to visualize the evolution of their relationship over time.
: Touting itself as “the world’s first relationship management platform,” this free site employs interactive tools, games and quizzes to make improving one’s relationship feel like fun rather than work. LoveZone quizzes identify the best ways for partners to demonstrate their love; a MoodMeter helps partners stay attuned to each other’s moods and react appropriately; and, DiscoveryGames test couples’ knowledge of each other on topics ranging from modest to racy. Tokii’s core feature is the Trading Post, a forum for couples to barter activities like doing the dishes in exchange for a back rub. Since users share the most intimate details on the site, Tokii has made security and privacy its utmost concern.
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