Golden Slumbers
New devices aim to improve the total sleep experience
Tech / 19 Sep 2011
Having embraced sleep-tracking tech as a way of maximizing their nighttime efficiency, Gen Ys are now turning to tools that go beyond sleep enhancement by making dozing off and waking up more agreeable. These new accessories (some stranger than others, admittedly) are helping technophiles achieve more restful, peaceful shut-eye along with more pleasant mornings.
Falling asleep to your favorite tunes is a treat, but wearing headphones to bed can be uncomfortable. Bedphones, on the other hand, were “designed for sleep.” The small, flat styling of these earbuds proves unobtrusive even for side-sleepers, and the cable runs behind a wearer’s head to prevent tangling. Bedphones’ companion app features three modes: a basic one that outfits your Android phone with a can’t-miss play/pause button; a timer mode that lets you determine when your music should turn off (letting you drift into an undisturbed sleep); and, most impressively, a smart mode that conveniently shuts down the app based on built-in movement detection.
LUMI Mask:
The product of a Kickstarter project launched by designer Taylor Franklin Hide, the LUMI Mask’s embedded lighting effect not only blocks ambient light but also brightens gradually as one’s wakeup time nears, simulating a natural sunrise. The mask’s lighting feature is powered by an LED substrate embedded within a satin lining (so its futuristic features don’t interfere with nighttime comfort). As Hide explains in his project proposal, our bodies are meant to fall asleep in darkness and awaken in sunlight, a near-impossible prospect in contemporary society, especially for city dwellers accustomed to constant, pervasive electric light. The LUMI mask, now available for purchase, provides a cutting-edge fix for this modern-day conundrum.
This sleek digital timekeeper features an alarm that vibrates to wake up its wearer silently, without disturbing his or her sleeping partner. Mutewatch’s built-in vibrating alarm intensifies with low-level movement, waking up wearers gradually so that they never have to worry about over-tapping a snooze button. Its touchscreen “watch face” and swipe-activated navigation lend this timepiece, now available in charcoal grey and poppy red, a modern feel. In addition, Mutewatch can serve as a useful time-management aid. A long-winded orator, for example, might use its “timer” function to emit a discreet reminder when it’s time to move things along.
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