Damage Control
Tech wear-and-tear calls for specialized protection gear
Tech / 24 Oct 2011
Many of today’s tech-obsessed consumers insist on keeping their treasured devices within arms’ reach at all times. But when these “second brain” tools manage to escape the palms of their hands, users’ deep-set fears of serious damage, or, gulp, breakage beyond repair, could be realized. As such, people are increasingly coveting accessories that aim to protect these precious products.
The Joy Factory RainBallet: Separation anxiety motivates many people to take their phones everywhere—even into the bathroom. Now, thanks to The Joy Factory RainBallet waterproof case, iPhones can even go into the shower. The Intelli-filter design blocks water, without affecting sound, so phones can double as water-resistant radios. When encased, devices are safe at the beach, poolside and underwater, allowing for high quality photo and video capture while completely submerged. Runners need not fear that their phones will get damaged from perspiration, and users can text freely in the rain. The built-in shock resistant structure also protects against the dreaded drop into the toilet or push into the pool.
iBallz: The sleek design and portability of tablet devices are major selling points; however, splurging on one and then dropping it is every buyer’s nightmare. iBallz is a tablet safety solution unlike any other. The set of four shock absorbing balls fit over the corners of the device and are held in place by an elastic harness. The tablet is protected when dropped from any angle, as the balls elevate it just enough to keep it safe above the surface. Additionally, removing one corner creates a kickstand-like effect for a tilted typing position or a standing screen. At just $19.95, it’s far preferable to waiting in line at the Genius Bar.
MySaver: Broken cables are as bad as damaged devices, since not being able to charge electronics makes them as good as gone, and battery-power providing USB cords do tend to wear down and fracture. MySaver started out as a Kickstarter project and ultimately gained enough backing to go into production. The flexible, silicon ends attach onto the connector’s weak spots, adding necessary support to prevent the usual fray. Those who are really serious about cord protection must also check out Bluelounge’s Sumo cable paperweight, a cord anchor that brings to an end the pain and humiliation of hitting your head on the underside of your desk while performing a rescue mission.
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