Oil Spill
Cosmetic oils are spreading, from head to toe
Style / 30 Mar 2011
Cooking isn’t the only arena in which specialty oils have insiders sharing tricks of the trade. A category that’s constantly being reinvented through the advent of so-called “miracle” products, beauty has a propensity towards experimentation, and its latest obsession has people greasing up with cosmetic oils. From drugstore bargains to department store luxuries, beauty oils are it right now.
Hair Oils:
In the ’80s, it was mousse; in the ’90s, styling lotion; in the early ’00s, surf spray. Now, it seems that oil is emerging as the defining hair product of the decade. While olive oil conditioning treatments have long been touted among those who frequent co-ops more than salons, the practice has been reincarnated in the form of glamorous products that contain argan oil. One brand that’s somewhat synonymous with the category, Moroccanoil, serves as a gateway drug of sorts for converts. However, a number of follicle potions are flaunting argan oil. An unsubstantiated rumor that hair oil can quickly counteract a bad haircut may have something to do with its surge in popularity.
Face Oils:
Women whose complexions reflect an array of dermatological ills (oily, dry and combination) are trading in lotions and creams for what many consider magic in a bottle. Rodin Olio Lusso face oil may be the most buzzed about luxury beauty product since La Mer, receiving frequent name checks on insider hubs like Into the Gloss. A reputed “backstage skin saver” at fashion shows, the product is a blend of eleven essential oils, drawn from flowers and other botanicals, known to leave skin soft, glowing and, presumably, youthful. Its steep price means that only those flush with cash are apt to give it a shot, but for those who spend more time at CVS than at Barneys, there are budget alternatives.
Body Oils:
Some older Trendcentral readers may recall bathing in Johnson’s Baby Oil before baking under the sun. Though wrinkles now serve as reminders why that isn’t a bright idea, body oils are making a comeback. The body version of the aforementioned Rodin formula is one of the few beauty products being sold by LA boutique-of-the-moment TENOVERSIX, while Tom Ford’s new Neroli Portofino collection includes a body oil. The latter is inspired by the Italian jet set, so presumably it allows even SPF-drenched wearers to feel bronzed. In the ultimate example of resourcefulness, some, like actress Shiva Rose and even Ms. Goop, are using an ingredient intended for the kitchen to stay silky. Coconut oil: it’s not just for frying anymore.
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