Grey Matters
In style, respecting one’s elders may be cooler than you think
Style / 31 Jan 2011
A distinct greying influence has infiltrated the fashion world of late. This is not a matter of color palette, but rather verified by the growing number of mature faces gracing fashion magazine covers. And with the sartorial choices of older folks inspiring blogs of a higher order than ever, it might be—yikes—that senior citizens are surpassing their younger cohorts in becoming the moment’s truest fashion trendsetters. An AARP member as style icon? Don’t bet against it.
Twenty-eight-year-old Ari Seth Cohen created his blog Advanced Style in 2008 “as proof...that personal style advances with age.” Cohen sees older people as more comfortable in their skin, and documents proof of his theory on his blog with photos that capture their distinctive flair. He travels through the streets of New York equipped with a Canon Rebel, making stops at museums, theaters and the Upper West Side’s Off Broadway Boutique. His site is brimming with snapshots of put-together seniors who aspire to dress like the world is a runway and live life to the fullest. Don’t miss his videos, co-directed by Lina Plioplyte, which often reveal pearls of style philosophy that inform the outfits.
On the Runway:
Evidence from last fall’s top shows proves that even those past the age of 65 are hot to trot in high fashion. Now 71, iconic mod supermodel Veruschka strutted her stuff for Giles in London, while Juan Duyos cast a troupe of sixty-somethings for his Madrid show. H&M got into the act, including a white-haired grand dame in its video for Lanvin x H&M. And, in a business where reaching legal drinking age typically signifies being nearly over the hill, it was a slap against convention when 46-year-old Kristen McMenamy and 47-year-old Elle Macpherson recently showed up on several runways. Makes one wonder: Since teens typically don’t buy high-end designer clothes, why should they be used to sell them?
On Video:
To promote the opening of Sicily’s first-ever fashion outlet center, viral media company Mosaicoon hit the streets to capture video footage of stylish characters for a playful documentary-style promotional piece. The finished product—“Incredible Fashion Town”—featured amusing fashion profiles of some of the most outré senior styles around. (Who knew the ancient village of Agira was so chic?) This charming bit of creative inspiration was intended to showcase the heterogeneity of style, and of course to encourage everyone to shop. The video swept across the blogosphere and was adored across the board. Our personal takeaway? Shop Grandma’s and Grandpa’s closets.
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