Let’s Get Physical
Untraditional fitness plans for those who spurn the treadmill
Play / 2 Jul 2010
Exercise has never really been our thing. Running on pavement hurts our knees - and, ok, maybe our self-confidence too, thanks to some endurance issues - and the Stairmaster's only saving grace is that it gives us a moment to examine the week's Approval Matrix. But after hearing about a number of new fitness alternatives, maintaining our health could actually become as fun as drinking the margaritas we need to work off.
ZombieFit: Should that fabled 2012 apocalypse actually happen, this workout will have you prepared to fight for your life. (Did you see 28 Days Later? Combating zombies is serious business.) The tongue-in-cheek survivalist exercise class, held in St. Charles, Illinois, may be rooted in sick humor, but the boot camp it puts its students through is no joke. The routine, a mix of intense cardio, weight lifting and parkour, all done in a faux urban environment, is intended to prepare its practitioners with the stamina, strength and superhero grace that would be necessary to outwit a hypothetical night of the living dead. While we're not entirely convinced of the Mayan prophecy, the functional fitness approach does sound like it could mold the kind of body usually found on the cover of a workout video, thus meriting a try even if zombies aren't really coming to attack.
The Sweat Spot: In New York, hipsters spend their Sunday mornings feeding hangovers with Bloody Marys at brunch, but in L.A., they spend them sweating out the previous night's toxins. What started as a simple '80s-inspired dance class for Silver Lake's creative set - flashy vintage leotards are practically a prerequisite for entrance - has grown into a full-blown phenomenon that's made a local celebrity out of its creator, choreographer-performance artist-designer Ryan Heffington. So popular did the "feel good" Sweaty Sunday series become that Heffington recently opened his own studio, The Sweat Spot. The 2,000-square-foot space is now home to not only Sweaty Sundays of varying levels throughout the week (Wet Wednesdays and Fit Fridays are the new monikers), but also such classes as Tap Dat Azz, Rock N Roll Ballet, and Groove3. Don't worry if you've never done a barre exercise in your life; these are non-competitive, non-judgmental classes for those who just want to have fun getting their heart rates up.
Mobile Yoga: From Yogalates to Koga , the sport of yoga has been shoved into athletic mash-ups more than a few times, even if the resulting pairing is less than zen. The latest yoga hybrid to enter the fray is particularly peculiar, fusing the meditative qualities of yoga with a sport more commonly associated with neon and the Venice Beach eccentrics: inline skating. While we've yet to have the opportunity to try it out, from what we understand, it seems to be a more relaxed approach to skating than one would typically encounter on the boardwalk. The Mobile Yoga Workout, created by certified yoga and inline skating instructor Kris Fondran, essentially infuses the "natural push and glide rhythm of inline skating with the mindful breathing and relaxation benefits of yoga" - meaning those who rely on speed skating as their transportation method had best leave the Oms at home.
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