Postcards from the (Cutting) Edge
Digital card apps are redefining personalized greetings
Media / 16 Nov 2011
Sending out postcards or greeting cards is a thoughtful way of sharing an experience or celebrating a special occasion, but digging through racks to find the right message can be daunting, not to mention highly impersonal. Now, a rapidly expanding crop of postcard and greeting card smartphone apps are facilitating the creation of custom-created cards that can be delivered right from the palm of a sender’s hand.
Cards: Snail mail may take longer than its digital equivalents, but there is something to be said about the experience of opening the mailbox to find something other than a bill. Considering the ease of digital correspondence and the singularity of an actual handwritten letter, Apple introduced this iPhone app that provides users with the tools to design tangible greeting cards. Users can either snap a photo or select one from an existing album to be used with one of the 21 template options. The final product is produced using digital printing and letterpress for a handmade-feeling keepsake that can be mailed directly anywhere around the world, postage included.
Photogram: For Gen Ys, documenting their lives through pictures, status updates and tweets is as habitual as brushing their teeth. Photogram, a smartphone app that effortlessly turns mobile phone photos into digital postcards, now affords them the ability to art-direct cards on the spot. As Bob Armour, Timelines CEO and creator of Photogram, explains, “You can tell a story using multiple photos that are wrapped in a beautiful and memorable context and deliver it easily.” Photogram recruits independent artists who craft their own themes to be featured in the Theme Gallery. Selected artists receive a cut of the sales, along with invaluable exposure.
Postcard On The Run: Whether through magazines or photo booth snapshots, printed media has maintained an important presence in the digital world. Postcard On The Run is an Android- and iPhone-based app that allows users to transform a digital photo into a physical postcard. Instead of accumulating thousands of iPhoto pictures that never see the light of day, smartphone shutterbugs can use the handheld resource to elevate a digital image into a valuable keepsake. Once designed, Postcard On The Run handles printing, postage and delivery. And for recipients whose mailing address isn’t readily available, an integrated service called Postal Gopher can automatically text or email the individual to track down that information.
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