Traveler’s Delight
New online resources offer fresh ways to plan your next getaway
Life / 10 Aug 2011
As the dog days of summer draw to an unwelcome close, it’s nearly time to start planning our next vacation. For many, the travel bug has been fueled by a constant stream of media images from enticing global locales, including those in the recently released user-generated film Life in a Day. To the rescue are several new trip planning sites designed to aid even the most discerning travelers.
: Travelers love Expedia for low cost air fare and Travelocity for hotel guidance, but it’s the finer details that require deeper consideration. As if on cue, Fortnighter creates unique itineraries that cater to the particular quirks of individual travelers. After answering a series of questions that address everything from food and accommodation preferences to the relative appeal of various types of museums, nightclubs and spas, members receive a suggested itinerary designed by travel journalists who’ve written for publications like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Confidence in the proficiency of this virtual travel agency is imperative, however, as payment is required in order to access the personalized itineraries.
: The work of travel writers often inspires the most extraordinary trips. With this in mind, new travel hub Fathom reads like a dinner party conversation among a group of well-heeled travelers at a remote inn in Morocco. The Postcards section brims with personal anecdotes filtered into categories that define each writer’s primary motivation for travel, including Food, Thrill, Chill, Quirk and Romance, among others. A Guides section offers sample itineraries—current destinations include London, New York, The Hamptons and Berlin—for everyone from business travelers to those with a one-day layover, while the Tools section features a curated menu of booking sites and useful travel apps.
: TripAdvisor has long been a trusted source for travelers seeking hotel reviews from fellow excursionists. Candid as some of those musings are, it can be difficult to discern whether one’s sensibilities are really comparable to those of a given reviewer. Gogobot is an online travelers’ community which operates on the theory that when it comes to travel, the best recommendations come from one’s friends. After signing up, subscribers are encouraged to link their Gogobot accounts to their Facebook and Twitter profiles so that they can follow each other’s tips in real time. If nothing else, the content is bound to be more compelling than the usual flurry of FarmVille updates.
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