Retro Revivals
New marketing campaigns offer fresh perspective on old favorites
Life / 2 Dec 2010
Due to the cyclical nature of, well, everything, what goes around often comes around to a new moment of relevance—though we’re not sure if the Teen Wolf remake qualifies. Reinventing tried and true cultural touchstones from fast food to fashion, yet another round of revival marketing has emerged, leading us to start many a query with “Remember when…?”
McDonald’s McRib
: It’s a curious thing, this national obsession with McDonald’s infamous McRib sandwich. Last month, when the boneless wonder was re-released, fast foodies rejoiced. With a keen grasp on its customers’ unbridled anticipation, McDonald’s launched a website, “The Legends of McRib,” on which fans were invited to submit their own stories, no matter how outlandish. The McRibber with the best submission gets a trip to Germany (the only place where the McRib is a menu fixture), as well as an animated rendering of their story. While we may only be able to get the McRib through the weekend—Mickey D’s has no plans to offer the pork patty permanently—fans can rest assured that they will see the coveted sandwich again.
Target Designer Collective
: We’re suckers for high-end-meets-high-street collaborations...add a dose of nostalgia and we’re hooked. To celebrate the five-year anniversary of its GO International initiative, Target is launching the "Designer Collective," a dress line composed exclusively of designs from past GO partnerships. Thirty-four dresses from 17 different designers, including Zac Posen, Jovovich-Hawk and Rodarte, will be sold this winter, both in stores and online. The collection will be available for less than a month, but judging from the recent success of high-low fashion partnerships, we expect the shelf life to be much shorter. In fact, we’re thinking about staking out a prime piece of sidewalk outside our neighborhood Target store sooner rather than later.
Revlon’s Fire & Ice:
With the surging popularity of Mad Men-style makeup, the time is nigh for a glamorous cosmetics campaign plucked from that era. Enter Revlon, which recently reintroduced Fire & Ice, an iconic collection of bold red lipsticks and nail polishes that were once synonymous with beauty. The retro palette is being marketed through a recreation of a classic ad campaign from 1952. With actress Jessica Biel as the new face, Revlon re-shot the ad that originally featured model Dorian Leigh in a silver sequin gown and red cape. Fitting with the theme, the products will come in limited edition makeup cases inspired by old Hollywood glamour. Though we tend to favor simple Lip Smackers over lipstick, this campaign does make a colorful pout look lovely.
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