Natural Beauty
New natural products are propelling an organic beauty movement
Life / 11 Oct 2011
Today’s interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes beyond knowing what’s on a food label. In fact, there is a growing watchfulness about the ingredients consumed through beauty and personal care products as well. As a result, a host of new companies are boasting all-natural, 100% organic product lines to give vigilant consumers some peace of mind.
Honoré Des Prés:
Whether they know it or not, most French bath takers are submerging the human body’s largest organ into a chemical cocktail. Though they might smell intoxicating, many fragrances contain more harmful ingredients than are listed on their labels. However, eco-chic French organic perfumery Honoré Des Prés is a deliciously aromatic line of all-natural botanical perfumes that are free from petrochemicals, synthetics, coloring agents, or phthalates. Perfumer Olivia Giacobetti creates each scent with studied observation of her surroundings and completes each collection with some of the most unusual (read: truly “out of the box”) fragrance packaging we’ve ever seen.
Tela Design Studio:
Hair guru Philip Pelusi is committed to promoting holistic beauty through his Tela Design Studio, a Manhattan salon where he offers noninvasive treatments and products of the same name. “Mother Nature approved” Tela Beauty Organics was conceived to nourish the body with high quality, sustainable ingredients. In addition to regular shampoos and conditioners, the line includes a popular dry shampoo product, split ends healer, and beach hair paste. Notably, Pelusi has formulated an all-natural, plant-based keratin smoothing treatment as an alternative to the controversial Brazilian Blowout. For Girls Who Love Curls, there is also a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, semi-permanent treatment and curl enhancing product line to match.
VITACARE: Standard drugstore toothpaste
can be downright terrifying to chemically averse consumers. Since the few "naturalbrands in the cluttered oral care category are not entirely so, health zealots have been either begrudgingly swallowing synthetics or attempting to concoct their own formulas. Bringing oral care back to basics with whitening powers to boot, VITACARE makes eco-friendly toothbrushes to accompany a three-step system consisting of all-natural toothpaste (in mint and superfruit flavors), mouthwash and a sugar-free whitening gum. These unique products add vitamins and calcium to the everyday oral regimen—meaning that doctors, as well as dentists, should be pleased with the line.
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