Live Art
LA’s street artists embrace painting as performance
Life / 7 Nov 2011
Ever since MOCA exhibited Art in the Streets, the formerly frowned upon genre of street art has acquired more highbrow status. In fact, the creation of street works as performance has become a considerable attraction for party-crawling young Angelenos. Here’s a look at the galleries and artists driving the scene at hot Hollywood events.
CYRCLE.brand: In stark contrast to the GIRLS billboards that are evident all around Los Angeles, CYRCLE.brand lives by the motto of its first solo show: “WE NEVER DIE!” Although the collective was formed just one year ago, the trio of artists known as CYRCLE.brand has forged a dynamic niche within the LA art scene. We first encountered their work when we watched them fashion multiple pieces poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel’s Nightswim party. Fans are anticipating more of their live work at Art Basel Miami Beach next month. With stickers, wheat pastes and murals all over the city, all signs suggest that they could become the next Shepard Fairey.
Chalk: Owned by five “brothers” (two by blood), Chalk is a creative mill that functions as art gallery, design studio, storefront and workshop in West LA. It showcases artists whose craft emphasizes the process as much as the end result. Thus, at any given time, visitors will find a wide variety of live art projects underway, ranging from painting to screen printing. Those who missed a recent spray-painting performance by some of the featured players at Parallel Dimensions can check out the upcoming opening reception for Escape Artists where Drew Brophy, Mark Longnecker, Jim Darling and Chalk owners DJ Neff and Justin Mitchell all will be painting on site.
LAB ART: This La Brea gallery showed approximately 300 works from 30 artists at its grand opening earlier this year. With a mission to become the de facto home to the street art genre, former designer-turned-curator Iskander Lemseffer makes a point to organize wide-ranging exhibitions. Arguably the largest such gallery in the US, it maximizes its 7,000 square feet by using it as both a showcase and performance space, via live painting events. After visiting, observant patrons will notice, in the streets of LA, signature works from artists shown at LAB ART, including Thank You X and Gregory Siff, both of whom have been spotted painting live at events around town.
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