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Ventures that emphasize healthy “detoxing” are spreading
Life / 25 Jan 2011
The idea that you are what you eat appears to be resonating with people more than ever. The days when Jamba Juice was considered healthy are behind us, and the average consumer is learning to raise an eyebrow at all things unnatural. Some are even cutting out the crap by eating raw and promoting good health through periodic detoxes. As such, entrepreneurs are jumping on the detox wagon in new and unusual ways.
Pressed Juicery
: Naturally, as a city where the pursuit of the fountain of youth is tangential to many residents’ careers, Los Angeles is at the forefront of the cleanse trend. Opened last year in Brentwood, Pressed Juicery was conceived by a trio of entrepreneurial LA natives. It’s more than a coveted location that has lent to Pressed Juicery’s success, however. Indeed, the store’s raw juice delivery service has blown up as the Hollywood diet of choice. Customers can complete a quiz to identify the best cleanse for them and then have daily supplies shipped to their doorsteps. Those who can’t commit to a full-fledged detox can still stop by the shop to enjoy a juice—a far more satisfying jolt than an espresso.
The Juice Press
: Since opening its downtown doors last year, The Juice Press has become the hottest detox spot in NYC. The organic juice and raw food bar has become the hangover cure for many an indulgent New Yorker after a long night out. Rooted in nutritionist Fred Bisci’s philosophy of being concerned more with what one leaves out of their diet than with what one takes in, The Juice Press serves a wide selection of made-to-order raw food creations and cold pressed juices. They also offer one-, three-, and five-day cleanses to jump-start weight loss and general wellness, and host nutrition classes and raw food seminars. Who knew detoxing could taste so good?
The Detox Market
: Pop-up shop The Detox Market opened this fall on Abbot Kinney in LA’s Venice neighborhood as a space to showcase the latest and most sought after green detox products. The store’s curators, Valérie Grandury and Romain Gaillard, who are also the co-founders of eco-friendly skincare line Odacité, sensed that their familiarity with European organic lifestyle and skincare products would interest the forward thinking Venice crowd. The shop sparked so much commotion in the first few months that the owners have already extended their stay through the rest of the year. It is nothing short of organic heaven with complementary teas, chocolates and skin consultations upon each visit. Consider it a meditative must on the First Friday schedule.
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