Get Up, Stand Up
Office workers are taking a stand—literally
Life / 21 Jun 2011
With all this talk about how too much sitting is killing us, workers are seeking ways to keep the blood flowing during the desk-bound workday. Stand-up desks might, in theory, save one’s life, but most companies are not yet convinced enough to overhaul the office. Meantime, several workstation alternatives that seek to help desk jockeys maintain healthy lifestyles are now available.
: Whether a job requires sitting or standing for eight-hour stretches, this ergonomic chair keeps the body in motion. Patented flexzone technology acts like a spring coming out of the ground, giving the backside support when and where it needs it, while the frontward tilt keeps sitters at optimum distance from their work surfaces. Hips remain active and muscles stay loose, encouraging blood flow all the way down the legs and back to the heart. Although its facilitation of perfect posture does require more work than the average chair, the muvman might actually enhance professional performance. After all, how’s the brain supposed to stay awake when the body is zoned out?
: Apparently, Ernest Hemingway always wrote on his feet, which leads us to believe that standing while working may have additional benefits beyond health. However, it turns out, being vertical all day may pose its own risks. The adjustable GeekDesk may be the most intelligently designed compromise for this ergonomic dilemma. The versatile workstation uses an electric motor to alternate its modern steel frame between sitting and standing heights. Though a desk that requires a mechanic for repairs is admittedly eccentric, the added productivity it is purported to provide should easily offset any sideways glances one gets from skeptical coworkers.
Standing Clock
: Hope springs eternal for those required to sit all day. In addition to performing desk aerobics, the chair-bound can rack up a surprisingly substantial amount of standing time through coffee breaks, bathroom walks and office visits. Based on the theory that statistics are our greatest motivator, the Standing Clock web app provokes users to stretch their legs by tracking their standing time throughout the day. Users simply log in through their Google accounts, upon which they can graph all of their vertical activity. Getting something from the printer? Standing up to greet a client? It all adds up.
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