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The latest exercise fads eschew boot camp regimes in favor of novelty themes
Life / 29 Jan 2009

During this economic downturn, people are continuing to look for new outlets of entertainment and escapism. While gym memberships may be some of the first expenses to be cut, many are also turning to one-off fitness classes where they can not only burn some stress but also have a little more fun than the treadmill used to offer. We're certainly not saying that the following are brand new, but we definitely have been hearing more talk about these three heart-pumpers lately:

Hula Hooping: In the late '50s and early '60s, hula hooping was a national craze; there was nothing more American than the image of a child hula hooping in the backyard. Now, it seems to be making a comeback off the playground. A self-proclaimed big fan of hooping, Michelle Obama has been photographed hooping with her children. The LA-based Hoopnotica is extending beyond the SoCal area, training new teachers in DC; performance troupe Groovehoops and The Trapeze Loft both offer classes in NYC; and Chicago Hoop Dance organizes on-demand classes around the Windy City area.
Burlesque Dancing: Carmen Electra brought aerobic striptease to the masses a few years ago, but now it seems those looking for seductive cardio could be opting for burlesque classes instead; perhaps it's burlesque's vaudevillian historical roots that's making it trendy during this time when all things circus are hip. The New York School of Burlesque offers classes at LES institution The Slipper Room, while LA's Revel Cardio Dance even offers classes taught by a former Forty Deuce dancer.
Jump Rope: Many are looking to harness the juvenile enthusiasm of their youth with this playground favorite. Trendsetting group Punk Rope has participants bypassing nursery rhymes for punk, ska, metal and rockabilly; their untraditional classes have become so popular they can now be found across the country everywhere from New York and California to Maine and Maryland. While not for amateurs, Double Dutch is becoming an official sport this spring, at the end of basketball season, in the New York public school system.Even the fashion world is taking cues, as seen in Nehima's Double D'Zutch N'Zecklace . * trendcentral articles are designed to be trend reports, not endorsements * The Intelligence Group is a trend-forecasting and marketing Consultancy focused on Gen X, Gen Y and Tweens. For more information on our services, or to subscribe to our syndicated studies, The Cassandra Report, Tween Intelligence, Latino Intelligence, and Mom Intelligence, contact Alina Goncalves at 212-277-5299 or via email at

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