Farm to (Your) Table
Fresh, local fare can now be delivered as you like it
Life / 1 Feb 2010

It's the dawn of a new decade. You co-opted "change" as your personal mantra for 2010. Unsurprisingly, old habits have crept back into your life like that sleazy summer fling, turning shiny "change" into dull "slack" only five weeks in. Fear not, because if you've included the words 'eating healthy' (which conveniently slipped your mind during that 3 AM post-drinking Morning Jersey snack) anywhere on that 2010 to-do list, there's a simple solution that will allow you to cross those babies off. And, you don't even have to leave the house to do it. Healthy and local are now, literally, within arm's reach, as a crop of new services have emerged to bring the farm directly to your table:

Basis: New Yorkers love their delivery, as evidenced by the number of apartments whose kitchen jumble drawers are jammed with take-out menus. Putting a farmers market twist on delivery (without farmers market prices), the Big Apple's Basis brings "traditional, local, and traceable" products, all labeled with the producer's name, from more than 40 surrounding farms directly to your door with its Good Food To You delivery service. And if your office falls into the 'free donuts in the kitchen' category, you can trade in the fried dough for fresh fruit by convincing your office manager to subscribe to the service. If this had been around in our dorm days, we may have been able to avoid the dreaded Freshman 15.
Full Circle Farm: Outside of shopping at the farmers market, belonging to a CSA is pretty much the most direct farm-to-table option out there. Typically, in order to receive their weekly shares, CSA members must travel to a designated pick-up site during a specific, usually narrow, window of time. And a share is a share - once you sign up, you get what the CSA gives you. Looking to provide a more convenient, customized CSA membership to area residents, Carnation, Washington's Full Circle Farm, offers a Farm To You CSA share delivery service which contains a wide variety of organic produce, as well as additional foodstuffs and artisanal delicacies from the Green Grocery. Members can access their accounts online to see what's available that week, and then edit their shares accordingly. Weekly and bi-weekly options are available, as well as the privilege to skip or cancel orders. Farm To You members usually have their shares, which are harvested typically less than 36 hours before they order, on their doorsteps by 6 AM. Hopefully, coffee is included in those packages.
Spud!: When it comes to affordable, organic, tasty treats, we heart Trader Joe's, but the excruciating lines and crowded parking lots often leave us vowing to never grocery shop on a Monday night again. Coming to the rescue of lucky West Coasters is Spud!. Named for that carbohydrate we'll be topping with cheese and chives this weekend, this organic and local delivery service is open 24-7. In addition to the all-natural farm goods, Spud! also offers loads of items for the vegan, the celiac sufferer, and others who have special foodie needs. Subscription plans have a number of customizable options: the Fresh Harvest Box allows members to edit their fruit and vegetable selections at any time; the Standing Order gives members the chance to designate items to be delivered on certain days (e.g., bread every week, butter once a month, etc.), with a number of those products receiving an extra 5% discount; and My Lists lets members save grocery lists into their profiles for easier shopping. Free delivery, no membership fees, and no cancellation fees make it a no-brainer.
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