Chew on This
The latest wave of cleansing programs allow more than just juice
Life / 26 Jan 2012

Juice cleanses are pretty much guaranteed to help people shed at least a few excess pounds of holiday baggage, but they may do more harm than good. Besides potentially wreaking havoc on one’s metabolism, there's the hunger-induced irritability that can alienate friends, family and colleagues. Looking for more moderate means of ridding their bodies of toxins, many are latching on to cleanse meal plans that include solids and are likely more sustainable over the long term.

Food Lover’s Cleanse: It may not be picking up exactly where its more traditional sister Gourmet left off, but the rebranding of Bon Appétit magazine has struck a chord in today’s progressive dining culture. A popular topic of tweets and blog entries as of late, its Food Lover’s Cleanse is winning over consumption-conscious diners with its healthy, yet savory, approach to eating. Less a diet than a guide to clean eating, the FLC includes a number of recipes – like pumpkin shrimp curry and braised clams with soba – that its followers will probably be reluctant to abandon at the end of its recommended two-week duration.

Action Plan: Like the Food Lover’s Cleanse, the Action Plan is also the brainchild of a magazine, in this case Whole Living. Differentiating itself from food-based detoxes, however, this cleanse aligns with the publication’s “body+soul in balance” tagline by including meal and fitness suggestions designed to hit the reset button on both physical and mental health. The three-to-four-week plan takes a page out of the Mark Bittman playbook, with a focus on plant-based meals and snacks. Complementary exercises designed to “stimulate your elimination organs” consist of a series of yoga-inspired stretches and contortions that look simple enough to do while watching TV. No couch potatoes here.

Not-Just-Juice Cleanse: As “delicious” as many people claim BluePrintCleanse almond milk to be, subsisting on nothing but liquids for five days can be unappealing, particularly in cold weather climes where the body burns extra calories just to stay warm. New York raw food temple Pure Food and Wine offers an alternative in the form of its “Not-Just-Juice” cleanse, which is available in two different delivery plans: Shine (for those hoping to lose weight while detoxing) and Glow (for those eager to do some internal housekeeping without shedding any pounds). Dishes like spicy Thai wraps and homemade Mallomar cookies may make folks think twice before eating another boring salad.


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