Cassandra Report Digest: Young Consumers Love Browsing, But Not Buying
Research and insights from our latest Cassandra Report
Life / 13 May 2014
Young consumers shop constantly, whether in-store, online or via mobile, but they don’t view the transaction that typically completes a shopping experience as the ultimate goal. In our Consumed issue of The Cassandra Report, one-third of 14- to 34-year-olds surveyed consider browsing more fun than buying. They’ve developed a ‘Fauxsumerist’ mindset where discovering, pinning, and wishlisting items are as enjoyable as purchasing.
: Half of the respondents in our survey say they browse for items they don’t necessarily plan on buying just to pass the time. Wish is among the numerous platforms that accounts for young people’s desire to window shop wherever they are. The app provides a feed of items tailored to each user from which they can make wish lists. By adding or recommending items, Wish learns their style preferences. While users can purchase products they’ve stored or suggested, the app is as much about discovering items and displaying one’s taste as it is about the act of buying.
: A 22-year-old female in our study admitted that she shops non-stop, but “only about 10% of the time does it result in a purchase.” The app LoveList fulfills individuals’ desire to browse at brick-and-mortar stores and collect items without having to buy. Shoppers simply scan the barcode of physical products they like and choose which of their Pinterest boards to add them to. The goods are then pinned, allowing users to claim ownership of the aesthetic without actually purchasing. LoveList even streamlines the process for those who eventually do want to buy by linking pinned products to Amazon.
Forty percent of Cassandra respondents create wish lists to save items they’re interested in buying and show off their style. Pinterest-like platform Nuji encourages such behavior by allowing users to curate and share fashion and lifestyle products. Individuals can save items they like from online stores with Nuji’s bookmark tool and follow other users to add items to their own wish lists. Nuji, much like Wish, can help create a path to purchase, but it’s also useful for happening upon items and shopping passively for entertainment. Currently, Nuji only exists as a website, but its creators are releasing an app to meet demand.
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