Don’t we all love the DIY and lifehacks? People always come up with something exciting, and it guarantees to save our precious time. And the power of the internet brings us an abundance of these tricks, which may not live up to our expectations at a few times.

Similar to the one featured below-involving ice cubes and laundry. Will this trick pass the test in the ironing department? Let’s all agree to disagree. No one likes ironing. If you have a steamer, you need to adjust the setting to avoid ruining your favorite shirt or PJ’s. Furthermore, all this work is time-consuming and plain tedious.

There is a claim that throwing ice cubes in the dryer can keep our clothes wrinkles. Let’s dive in a little deeper. Yes, if you throw in some block inside the machine, it will smooth out the clothes; however, it doesn’t deduct the ironing option out of the equation. Nevertheless, the comparison with and without the ice is significant.

The science is pretty simple; the cubes melt into the dryer and work as steam, which in result smoothes out the fabric. However, it only works in a particular condition. For instance, if you are doing a heavy load, a few ice cubes won’t work. Furthermore, if you are doing jackets or denim, the cubes won’t make much difference.

Nevertheless, if you enjoy just wrinkle-free wear, this hack is not nasty. Please let us know the after results in the feed.

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