It is hard for anyone to argue that William Kyle Carpenter isn’t a certified American hero. His journey into heroism began at age 21 when he earned the rank of Lance Corporal in the United States Marines. In 2010, he was sent into war in Afghanistan.

During a firefight, a grenade landed near where Kyle and another soldier were fighting. Without delay, Kyle jumped into action. The split-second decision didn’t only speak volumes over Kyle’s indomitable strength, it changed the course of life for him. It was an indelible changed. Kyle gave up his life as a sacrifice for his fellow Marine colleague. He used his body as a shield to prevent the explosive weapon from affecting his colleague. He offered up himself in exchange for the other life.

He suffered severe injury. He was burnt. His flesh was ripped off, scull bone and face crushed. To crown it up, his jaw was gone in the process. His lungs collapsed. In fact, everything about him shutdown. He was declared P.E.A (patient expired on arrival) when he got back to Camp Bastion. In principle, Kyle died. But he somehow stayed alive, hanging on one breathe. He was forcefully made to undergo forty different surgeries in two years. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery. He also received the prestigious Medal of Honor, bestowed upon him by President Barack Obama.

Yes! he deserves the medal of honor because he possesses the ideals embodies in the medal which is: courage, sacrifice, and patriotism. watch the honorary moments here

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